State Street Realty

Our clients are our focus and it shows. Here is what they have to say about State Street Realty:

“I have had the pleasure of knowing George Pino of State Street Realty for many years and pleased to be writing this letter of recommendation. When our company expanded into the South Florida market 15 years ago, George quickly became our entrusted partner and go-to person, helping get us acquainted with the market and negotiating commercial real estate lease and sale transactions on our behalf. This partnership has blossomed over the years and our company currently entrusts State Street Realty with over 3 million square feet of industrial, flex, office and retail assets valued at nearly half a billion dollars. They have been extremely diligent and continue to go above and beyond to keep the portfolio stablilized (currently 97% occupied). The team has built strong relationships with all of the tenants, they stay ahead of renewals and are tenacious in hunting down new deals for our vacancies. In addition to their proven results, George and his team are some of the most honest, upbeat and sincere people I know, with a strong work ethic, impeccable integrity, and an absolute focus on customer service. They are well connected in the community and commercial real estate industry and have created a very strong brand around State Street Realty. I would highly recommend George and the State Street Realty team to anyone looking for a highly talented, loyal, and professional commercial real estate broker in Miami-Dade. George's positive attitude is contagious and it's been a pleasure to work/partner with him. ”
Scott Gregory, Prologis
“The State Street team is very personable and professional. They take their work very seriously and are passionate about providing outstanding best of class service to their clients. In addition to State Street's excellent work, they demonstrated integrity, excellent negotiation skills, tenacity, sound technical ability and overall passion and effectiveness throughout all of these transactions. On a daily basis, State Street Realty does so much more for us than is required or expected and they know the South Florida commercial real estate market inside out and everybody involved in it. It is apparent that State Street Realty is one of the most respected commercial agents in town and very involved in the South Florida community. George Pino and the State Street team take the time to understand our firm, our goals and our objectives. As a result, they are able to make recommendations that are right on target for our business. I would highly recommend the State Street Realty team to anyone looking for a talented, ethical, professional, committed and effective commercial real estate broker who also has an outstanding attitude and long-standing solid reputation for fiduciary execution. I would describe State Street Realty as fiercely loyal to their clients. George and his team are one of the most positive, upbeat commercial real estate firms I have ever met which makes working with them a true pleasure. ”